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In 2002, eight cricketers who played in the Etobicoke and District Cricket League (EDCL) decided it was time to form their own Club. They envisioned a Club with not only cricket in its fold, but also with the aim of actively promoting other sports. As the idea took shape, these founder members realized that the true success of the Club will lie in involving not only the players who will represent the Club in sports, but also developing the social aspect of the club which will entail involving the family of the Club members. With this intent expressly in front of them, the founding members decided to change the fibre of the Club from being a "Sports" only club, to a "Sports and Recreational" Club.

Having played with a variety of people of differing ethnicity and cultures, the founding members put down, as one of the first constitutional point, that no person will be discriminated against in the Club. Every person will be welcome, as long as he fulfills a certain membership criteria, irrespective of his race, creed, color, sex, ancestry, national origin, handicap, religion or other discriminatory criteria, thereby rendering the club truly universal in its nature. Thus was arrived, in essence, the name of the club -


(commonly referred to as "Universal Club")


Listed below are the Founder Members of Universal Club:

Name Contact
Vikram Wala 416-444-3178
Gokul Kamat 905-755-0863
Haresh Kashela 905-273-3944
Paras Shah 905-890-2623
Jaideep Karkhanis 905-564-9158
Sanjay Karnik 905-564-5093
Edward Rodrigues 905-542-1256
Anil Kumar Singh 905-542-9108